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0423161512Rehearsals continue, different venue this time.

I’ve got simultaneous Sleep-ins action going on right now, working with Stefan and Josh to record the new record, and rehearsing with Mike Johnson and James Butler to prep for some shows coming up this Summer. We’ll be playing songs by the Sleep-ins, the raydons, Jupiterboy, Jimmy the Wigwam, kingsizemidget, and lonesomerobot.

I took some time away from playing and it some ways it shows, but in other ways it’s just like picking up from where I left off. Playing live shows is the best practice, though.

You Guys, The Sleep-ins Are Doing Some Stuff

sleep-ins06Notoriously lazy bastards The Sleep-ins must have put down their bongs, because we hear they’re playing some shows this Summer AND recording a new record (frealz!)!! It’s like Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day* all rolled into one.

They do have some explaining to do, because it’s known that they are still spread amongst three continents. They don’t even talk to one another, they just exchange cryptic messages on MySpace, using Tom as an intermediary. Because who would think to look there?

Anyway this is certainly good news for John McCain (but even better news for Bernie Sanders, whom The Sleep-ins have informed us they wholeheartedly endorse. Even though two of them can’t vote in America. It doesn’t matter, because everyone knows that celebrity endorsements are what win elections). The band starting the recording now means it could be done before the decade is out. It really is the best we can hope for. BUT, live shows are booked in the U. S. of A. (frealz!), so you will get to see them this Summer.

*Never, ever, mention St. Patrick’s Day to the Sleep-ins

You probably weren’t wondering what I’m up to, but anyway

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jupiterboyWhen it comes to music, I’ve had some fun and then I’ve had some fun. It’s a little hard to believe that the unbelievably loud rock band Jupiterboy — the first band that I ever did anything that could be called “touring” — is a twenty-year-old entity. Or yea, more even. The band played its first gigs in 1995, but we didn’t produce any recorded material until 1996. So that recording, which was called Live for a Day, will get a twentieth anniversary release. [I still have to master it. I should have mastered it by now.]The cool thing is, there’s bonus material! In 2001, we had a reboot of sorts when I was living in a middle-of-nowhere town, Wheatland, Ind., with my friend and longtime collaborator Mike Johnson. I’d kept in touch with Jupiterboy drummer Greg Mensching and lead guitarist James Butler and we decided to have a go at it with Mike on bass. We had some great jams but it ultimately fell apart, mostly due to indecision on whether to focus on the existing material or move forward with new material. I mean, the new material is good:

But hey like I said, I’ve had some fun. I lived in the middle of nowhere and made a racket in another old house in Indiana that doesn’t exist anymore (same thing happened where we recorded Homecoming Pageant & Parade in Bloomington. Weird, right?). Anyway, there’s about 35-40 minutes of some really good sloppy rock practically no one has ever heard that will finally reverberate in literally dozens of homes later this year.