One bizarre night many years ago in Bloomington, Indiana, friends Chad Corley (the Sleep-ins, lonesomerobot), Mike Johnson (the Sleep-ins, kingsizemidget), and Rick Overfield met at a party, decided it was lame, and decided to go to Mike and Rick's house and make a record instead. The result was Homecoming Pageant & Parade. It all happened that same night, with one cassette, one microcassette, 4 tracks and 3 complete recording passes. That old A-frame house turned out to be the ideal setting for this endeavor, acting as practically a member of the group, providing a wonderful acoustic and creative space for the three musicians to lay the foundation and subsequent layers for their only existing recording (so far) -- an esoteric and textural soundscape that saw the last notes of its creation played as the sun rose upon a new day. Those notes live on, even though that old house no longer stands.