Sleep-ins Crack CMJ Charts

Indie rockers the Sleep-ins just wrapped up their US tour with the news that they had entered the CMJ Top 200 chart, a quite difficult task given that at any moment there are approximately 2 billion acts (give or take) that are gunning for the College Music Journal’s illustrious top 200. Seriously.

What’s next for the Australian-English-American confab? A new record, perhaps? Well, guitarist Mike Johnson will be back to work on his other projects, kingsizemidget and Titans of Ahm! — projects on which Sleep-ins guitarist/singer Chad Corley has been known to make an appearance. Chad will himself be working up new solo material as lonesomerobot and dredging up some raydons oldies but weirdies with drummer pal Heath Metzger [Mock Orange] and the multi-talented James Butler [Catnip for Clones, Jimmy the Wigwam]. Stefan Pope is back to old Blighty for some tea and biscuits, and Josh Schuberth remains in Sydney as the drummer for every good band in Australia.

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