You Guys, The Sleep-ins Are Doing Some Stuff

sleep-ins06Notoriously lazy bastards The Sleep-ins must have put down their bongs, because we hear they’re playing some shows this Summer AND recording a new record (frealz!)!! It’s like Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day* all rolled into one.

They do have some explaining to do, because it’s known that they are still spread amongst three continents. They don’t even talk to one another, they just exchange cryptic messages on MySpace, using Tom as an intermediary. Because who would think to look there?

Anyway this is certainly good news for John McCain (but even better news for Bernie Sanders, whom The Sleep-ins have informed us they wholeheartedly endorse. Even though two of them can’t vote in America. It doesn’t matter, because everyone knows that celebrity endorsements are what win elections). The band starting the recording now means it could be done before the decade is out. It really is the best we can hope for. BUT, live shows are booked in the U. S. of A. (frealz!), so you will get to see them this Summer.

*Never, ever, mention St. Patrick’s Day to the Sleep-ins