Follow me, I can take a while But you'll dig my style, Angelina What are you after today, Can I lead you astray? You're a monster lost with me You know below the sky, there is an incredible lie Beyond the high on which we have come to rely I take a longer way to get back to you now it breaks my back, my heart, and my bank account But I pulled it out, everything's in doubt, Angelina What do you want me to say, can I keep you at bay? How did you come this way, isn't this OK? You're a monster lost with me We need, we laugh, we take the most unbelievable hate We last awhile, no longer a simple mistake We leave ourselves together without an escape Follow the line, until we can make a break Every step you take, I'm finding I've retraced, Angelina Even if you went to space, I would find your place You're a monster lost with me

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